Neil Miller

It's all about the journey ...

Since retiring in 2010, Neil Miller has pursued a passion for photography.  Having received his first camera on his seventh birthday, Neil has enjoyed photography throughout his lifetime.  However, retirement provided time to pursue training and practice to radically improve his art.

Miller's primary interests are Landscape and Nature photography; however, he enjoys learning about all aspects of photography.He takes great joy in sharing the beauty of the world around us all.

In 2013, Neil Miller started his blog, Windaturback.com, primarily as a means of chronicling his bicycle ride across Canada.  The blog evolved over time to sharing his journeys to other places, sailing and of course his photographic journey.  Clicking on "Blog" at the top of any page on this site will take you to that blog.

These days, Neil splits his time between homes in Alberta, Canada and Southern California in the USA.

For Neil, the joy is in constantly learning and improving. Every photo is just a step on the journey to learn and improve for the next photo.

It really is all about the journey!

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